Film Festival Day

Life in Synchro

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Available to watch until May 31!
In partnership with Film Festival Alliance, LIFE IN SYNCHRO is available to view from anywhere in the U.S. & Canada.

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After viewing the film, watch the replay of the Q&A with Director, Angela Pinaglia and cast members.

Q&A Participants
Emily Fitzgerald
Heidi Coffin
Peggy MacDonald
Angela Pinaglia (Director)
Moderated by: Susan Sullivan (co-founder of the Women Sports Film Festival)

For the maximum film festival experience, start the film at home one hour before the Q&A.

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About Film Festival Day

Thirty film festivals from across the US participated in the first FILM FESTIVAL DAY on April 11, an initiative of the Film Festival Alliance, a collaborative community of mission-driven film festivals.

More than 175 film festivals across North America have been cancelled or postponed as a result of COVID-19. Movies can unite us in a way that no other art form can, and film festivals play an essential role in connecting our community and supporting the works of independent storytellers. Please join us in a celebration of our communities, our audiences, independent filmmakers and what makes the film festival experience so unique. 

About the Film

A feature-length documentary about the toughest sport you’ve never heard of directed by Angela Pinaglia.

If a single figure skater is a marvel, a team of figure skaters is practically a miracle. Welcome to the beautiful, cold, hard world of synchronized ice skating - the toughest sport you’ve never heard of. Synchro has been empowering generations of women since 1956 when it was founded by a father who saw the need for team sports for girls. Today these skaters lift, leap, and spin together in ways the rink has never seen before, but this innovative sport is still somehow overlooked by mainstream media.